Look at her hair!


What if when you stepped into the room, they would just stop and stare at your FABULOUS  HAIR ? 


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Chicoro's Signature Services!

Nurture My Hair Coaching Packages


Package 1:

1/2 VIP Day Nurture My Hair Coaching Package

Package 2:

90 Day Nurture My Hair Coaching Package

This is a 12 Week Journey we take together.

You get:


6- 1 hour long calls with me

Personalized handouts for work that summarizes our call.

Guidance in the form of tools and strategies to use for the week.

Assignments that move you forward in your hair journey.

Unlimited email access to me for the 90 Days we are together!

1. Week 1: Hour Long Call 1

2. Week 2:

3. Week 3: Hour Long Call 2

4. Week 4:

5. Week 5: Hour Long Call 3

6. Week 6:

7. Week 7: Hour Long Call 4

8.Week 8:

9. Week 9: Hour Long Call 5

10.Week 10:

11. Week 11: Hour Long Call 6

12. Week 12:


BONUS # 1: Weekly Email Reminders ($47 value)

Upon registering and investing in yourself with the Nurture Your Hair program, you will receive the weekly exercises automatically via email.


BONUS # 2:

Review of Your Current Hair Care and Product Routine ($250 value)

During week 1, during your first call with Chicoro, she will review your current hair care process and your product routine with you. This will help you orient yourself for success!



Iphone 277

Publish It-Your Signature Service in Book Form -Workshop!


5 Week Write Your Story and Publish Your Book to Promote Your Online Business Signature Service


Hey! Wait a minute, what's a book have to do with beauty and hair? I've been  writing and publishing beauty and hair books since 2008. My latest book was published in November 2015. The book creation process is still basically the same.  That's the connection!


Are you interested in writing the story behind your signature service for your online business?  

It's another great way for your ideal client to find you. Remember, what you are seeking is always seeking you, too!

Books take on lives of their own. They go where neither you nor the internet may not be able to go.

Do you want to build your book from the inside out? I can guide you from book interior to front and back cover, to the finished, published product. 

Have more than one signature service? Or, you plan on creating additional signature services in the future? No problem!

Ever heard the phrase, "Wash, rinse and repeat"? Well, books are the same way. Once you learn my repeatable process for the first book, you can continue the process as many times as you want, and create as many books as you want. 

You get:

5 - 90 Minute Group Calls (1 call per week)

Guidance, tools and strategies for the week

Assignments that move you forward on your journey

Checklists and Printouts 

Private Online Facebook Group Support and Discussion Page 

Next Class Date: March 2017










Beautify Speaker Series!

Requested Speaking and Interactive Workshop Topics 



Chicoro's Most Popular Speaking Topics:

Gaining Length on Afro-Textured Hair


The Real Meaning Behind An "Ethnic" Hair Product


Optimizing the Body to Maximize Hair Growth


Growth Aids: Myth, Monster or Magic?


Understanding Hair Care Products


The Triple C's and How they Impact Your Hair Journey: Chemicals, Cutting and Coloring





"One of the greatest tips I've gotten from you is the ability to soften a shampoo, (I mean, who knew? I certainly didn't)...I like how you break things down even for a child to understand them. Now, based on what you've taught in your videos, I simply look at what the benefits of an oil or product are and just start mixing up stuff together because the fundamentals you teach helped me to know what to do in those regards to make it work best for 'my hair'. That's all. There's no one thing in particular, it's a compilation of everything."

Softening a Shampoo